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Entertainment Jobs Vacancies in India

Job Vacancies for Actor, Actress, Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer

We have many vacancies for Actor/ Actress/ Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer ect in various parts of India.

Key Skills :
Actor/ Actress/ Model,Photographer,Fashion Designer/ Jewellery Designer

0 – 5 Years

Event Management,Photographer,Bookkeeping,Film Maker,News Anchor/Compere

Job Function:
Accounting/Tax/Company Secretary/Audit,Advertising/PR/Events,Anchoring/TV/Films/Production

Accounting-Tax/Consulting, Advertising/PR/Event Management, Entertainment/Media

School & Graduation – Any Graduate

Entertainment job websites

I got an email from a woman working for ESPN asking me to include their careers website on my link list…and I realized that I didn’t have a list of all the entertainment job websites out there – so now I do. (It’s under “Job Sites” on the right side of this page.)

Keep in mind that you may apply to 100 jobs online and not even get one interview. Overall, people don’t get jobs this way; they get them through people – and often do unpaid internships first to make contacts. But if you don’t have any contacts yet, applying for jobs online might be worth a shot. Back in 2007, I did land an interview in NY through Media Bistro.

How to Get a Job with a Cruise Line

  1. What types of jobs are there? Cruise ships are floating resorts, a complete city at sea. Whether you’ve just returned from a cruise or you’ve seen Love Boat or Titanic, you know what a cruise vacation is about: fun, entertainment, service and worldwide travel. Working with a cruise company gives you the best of both worlds – Travel, Adventure, Romance and a Steady Paycheck. Did you know there are more than 300 types of jobs aboard ship plus dozens of opportunities at cruise company headquarters around the world? Imagine yourself traveling to places you’ve always dreamed of – and getting paid for it. Which of these jobs would be best for you.
  1. Who are cruise lines hiring? Students, Career-changers, Retirees- “people-people’ who enjoy working with others. Cruise lines are always hiring people with experience in: hospitality, tourism, entertainment, restaurants and bars, teaching, childcare, sales, customer relations, gaming, marketing, fitness, health and beauty, medicine and healthcare, administration, banking, accounting and financial management. Did we mention entertainment? That’s the name of the game aboard cruise ships -and your #1 priority as a cruise line employee is to provide a safe, fun and memorable vacation experience. Cruise lines hire dependable, competent people with outgoing, positive attitudes.
  1.  How do I get hired? The A-B-C’s of getting hired:

Get to know the players and you’ll find the cruise lines most likely to hire you. Who are the most successful cruise lines? Who is adding new ships? Apply there first. Familiarize yourself with your prospective employer’s “product. Where do their ships travel? For what programs and facilities are they best known? Most importantly – what kind of people will you find aboard their ships? The passengers are your ultimate employer, the customers you’ll serve, protect and entertain. know the Players: Royal Caribbean International, Princess and Carnival are known as the ‘Big Three’, with the largest fleets in the industry, these employers should be at the top of your list. There are also unique job opportunities with smaller, specialty cruise lines like Delta Queen Steamboat Co., and Special Expeditions.

The type of programs and facilities offered by each cruise line offers define who gets hired. Companies with state-of-the-art spas, salons and fitness centers hire more stylists, aromatherapists, massage therapists and fitness instructors. Entertainment jobs vary from line to line. Crystal Cruises and Seabourn may hire lecturers, pianists, classical quartets and duos; while NCL’s popular sports and theme cruises create openings for theme entertainers, lecturers and celebrities. Comedians, production dancers and Rock N Roll or Jazz bands are most likely to be hired by lines such as Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity, and Holland America Line.

  1. cruise line’s ‘primary market’ or type of guest also determines job opportunities: Disney Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Lines boast of the biggest year-round youth counselor staffs in the industry. Gentlemen Hosts will find openings with lines that cater more to the mature traveler.
  2. Choose several jobs which interest you and compare your qualifications to the required duties and responsibilities. You many find your previous work or education can easily translate into a job that offers worldwide travel. You’ll also learn what skills or certifications you need to add to your resume to get aboard. Hot Tip: Practice public speaking whenever possible, study a foreign language or get your CPR or Lifesaving Certification.
  3. Sell yourself!. Make it easy for the personnel director to see how you’re qualified for a specific job. Get to know yourself – what you have to offer – Target your resume and cover letter towards one specific job – and show how your work experience, talents, skills and education directly relate to the new opportunity. Don’t just list what you’ve accomplished – show how you can contribute to the passenger’s cruise experience. Include on your resume: previous work experience, duties, responsibilities, awards, promotions and salary history. Include educational achievements, degrees and certifications, hobbies, awards and membership in organizations. Hot Tip: Apply early and often – but don’t pester personnel by phone – send follow up letters and resume updates.
  4.   Are there short-term, holiday and summer jobs?Yes, the cruise industry hires year-round and seasonally. Most employees work for a period of six to nine months with one to two months off. Many departments add staff for holiday cruises, and peak sailings through winter and spring. Doctors and Nurses can find year round employment or assignments as brief as two to three months. Peak hiring times for youth counselors? Holidays and summer – perfect for students or teachers who love to travel. Hot Tip: (from a leading executive of Carnival Cruise Lines) List your specific dates of availability (ex. from May 15 to Sept. 1 ) so personnel knows how to schedule you. Tami teaches Kindergarten in Indianapolis during the school year. She travels as a youth counselor over her Christmas, spring & summer break. Karina saves her tips and salary from eight months work as a massage therapist – then backpacks across Europe for two months. David, a retired widower, now dances his way around the world as a gentleman host.
    5. How’s the Pay? Cruise ship pay compares to good jobs shore – Plus you save a lot of money because most expenses are left behind. On board ship your room and meals are included. No more rent, grocery, electric, or gas bills! You can bank your salary and tips, or blow it all in ports of call. You’ll want to negotiate your pay based on your own salary history and demand for the job. Gift Shop Retail Sales: $1,000-1,500 per month (commission included.) Hairstylist/Beautician: $1,000-1,300 per month (tips included) Shore Excursion Manager: $1,800 – $3,000 per month plus commission.

Police arrest mother who tortured & dumped son at petrol station

On Thursday, a 9 year old boy with signs of severe torture was  abandoned at a petrol station by his own mother .Good Samaritans fed him and took him to a police station.(Here)Now, his mother,Blessing Goodluck,who abandoned him at a filling station on Ijaiye Road in the Agbado area of Lagos, has been apprehended by the police.
The police trailed the 23-year-old mother to Ojuelegba, where the son claimed they lived, without success.It was learnt that she was eventually traced to a residence on Sule Babalola Street, Agbado.
PunchMetro gathered that the primary two pupil was taken to a general hospital for treatment. He was seen playing around on Sunday when our correspondent visited the police station.
The mother, who admitted her action was wrong, said she was frustrated, describing her son as being troublesome.
“I have realised that I over-reacted. Kingsley is very stubborn and troublesome. He won’t sit at home. He will be jumping from one house to another. I was frustrated. I promise it will never happen again. I have learnt my lesson.”
A police source told PUNCH Metro that Blessing wept all night in custody. The source said Kingsley had also been counselled to turn a new leaf.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, said Blessing was still under interrogation and would be charged to court afterwards.
He said, “This is a case of child abuse. The 23-year-old mother was arrested on Sule Babalola Street, Agbado. The boy was abandoned in a bad condition. He was treated at the Lagos State General Hospital, Ile Epo. The mother is under interrogation.”

We Paid Kidnappers N2.5m-Orekoyas Finally Reveal

Mrs. Adebisi Orekoya, had over the weekend, revealed that the family parted with N2.5 million as against the initial N15 million demanded by the kidnappers as ransom.

According to Thisday, speaking to a group of working mothers in Lagos at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Conference and Exhibition Centre, Alausa, she made this disclosure at a national awareness and sensitisation seminar against child kidnapping in Nigeria.

When they demanded N15million, I told them that we could not afford it and they later reduced it to N13million but we still told them we could not afford it.
“They then gave me an option of paying ransom for only one kid. They asked me to choose the one I love the most and pay the ransom for his release.
“But how could I choose one and leave any behind? I did not give birth to the three of them in one day. The police told me to keep begging them so that they can be online and enhance the tracing.
“With their calls, the police were able to trace them to Sasha but couldn’t narrow it down to their particular location.
“When they finally agreed to what we had, they sent a GTbank account number to us and we paid in N2.5million as instructed.
“We then sent him a text message that we had paid in the money. He said he would confirm first to know if we flagged the account and then get back to us.
“He later called back by 3p.m. and said he has confirmed payment. He told us to go to Ogijo and pick our kids but when we got there, he said he was already in Sagamu.
“We had someone track his location and it showed he had gone to Oshodi and then back to Egbeda. I and my husband went back home.
“We were at Anthony, when someone called that they saw our kids naked in front of an uncompleted building. We asked them to snap them and send their pictures to my Whatsapp (a social media).
“When they sent the picture, it was my kids and we called the police to go pick them up. And they did and that was how we were reunited with our kids.”

– See more at:

Eurovision 2015: The Big Five + host + Australia

Australia?? Yes, for some reason best known to the organisers, Australia gets to have an entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. No, I don’t understand it either but then we’ve had Israel, Turkey and Russia, as well as lots of USSR states of old too. I’ve always thought Russia’s inclusion was stretching ‘Europe’ a bit but when they were being friendly and co-operative and all was sweetness and light it seemed OK. Israel has always been a curious entry too but you don’t like to argue with either Israel or Russia do you?

Anyway, here are the last six entries. These all get automatic passes to the Final and so can chuck whatever rubbish they please at us and many time in previous years some have done just that. Not having to get votes to participate in the Final took away some of the care in choice of song sometimes. Again, I feel a couple of nations didn’t try that hard. Make your own mind up.


There’s a vaguely Bruno Mars sound and beat to this. It’s an OK pop song and pretty modern but not very memorable or interesting. All at the same tinny volume. No shade. I guess it’s all sunshine in Australia. The singer looks as though he might be part aboriginal which is neither one thing nor the other but it did make me realise that I hadn’t seen a single non-white face throughout all the performances I’ve seen so far.

I don’t think Australia will do terribly well. They may squeeze into the Top Ten on votes from people intrigued as to why they’re in the competition – a sort of welcome or thank you gesture like you give the host nation.


They’ve got another performer with long hair and a beard but this one is a bloke. A pretty solid, passionate performance although the falsetto bit didn’t do much for me. All competent enough but unlikely to fare well and it’ll just be the nods of votes for the host nation that’ll keep them off the lower tranches of the listing.


A strong and well-sung ballad in traditional French style. I think it is about the war and destruction of a village on the coast somewhere. I like French female singers and this is a pretty classic example although she is a bit older than the 60s ones I admire most. A few years ago France had a tremendously good song that the singer messed up on the night and it fell from being favourite that evening to bottom later that night. If this lady does well and she can somehow connect a bit better with the voters than she does in the video then France could do well this year.


German girls singing in English have a strange accent but that didn’t harm Nicole a few years ago. This is a tedious track. Doesn’t stand a chance, I’m afraid, despite the girl’s intense efforts. There’s just nothing there. Compare this to the preceding and following tracks.


I am sure I have heard of Il Volo before. That’s more than I can say of any of the other acts this year. This group sing superbly and it is a good song too, in good, classic Italian style. The video is annoyingly totally irrelevant and puts one off the track rather than drawing us into it so that may mean it comes across better as the guys do it live on stage. If the voters are in a slightly more classic mood then Italy will easily take the prize this year. They are a definite contender. One of very few.


I have loved Spain’s entries recently, especially last year’s by Ruth Lorenzo and an earlier year which had a video with a horse and a pretty girl that I thought was amazing but not many others did. Here we have a very attractive blonde and a strong song too. It’s good Euro stuff this and ought to make the Top 10 but votes for Spain have been few and far between for reasons I don’t understand in the past.

United Kingdom^***

Well, when I first heard this I thought it was fun and UK doing something a bit brave and definitely an improvement on the annoyingly formulaic ‘message’ song of last year. We used to do so well in this competition but after several very dull years of ancient pop stars, dull performers and average groups we have become too accustomed to finishing up well on the right side of the board. This, I believe, will bring us back where we belong and should be a certain Top 10 and, for the first time in ages, I believe we have a serious chance of winning. It’s a 20s or 30s tune, and if the two main singers do it well and have some nice backing there so that some effort to reproduce the video is feasible then they will get support from the voters.
Unless we have offended anyone we ought to do well. Oh, Russia. And that means null points from quite a few other nations too.

So, that’s it. There go all this year’s entries. 10 will be selected from each of the Semi Finals and then those 20 with these 7 will perform in the Final. Looking at the betting odds, there are predictions that some good entries might fall in the Semis which could have a serious impact on the overall results. I have y ideas as to the few potential winners now but the Top 10 eludes me at the moment. It’s going to be a tough year and I may have to make several changes if the Semi Finals mess up my plans!

So who is going to win Eurovision 2015?

It is, of course, very early days yet and Sweden remain at the top of the favourites with the bookies, Italy’s entry, which I would say is more likely to win, coming next.

Serbia, Cyprus and Georgia have seen pretty dramatic drops in their odds but they do still remain way out in the 200s or more!

Much depends who gets through the Semis. then the fun really starts as the acts will not only have been seen rehearsing live but also will have had to get some votes and we’ll have a much better idea of how they’ll do, with the notable exception of those through automatically. Those automatic finalists could well include the winner this year.

If the chart doesn’t display as it should use this link instead.

Niki Chow is an invisible CEO for her own hair salon 5 years ago?




Niki Chow (周丽淇) became famous and filmed series continuously after filming Mainland China series, Empress Wei Zifu (衞子夫) last year. In fact other than acting, she invested thousand of million dollars to open a luxurious hair salon, La Mod with 6000 sq ft in Leighton Road 5 years ago. After 2 years, Niki ventured into skincare business and decided to open another branch upon seeing the thriving business. She went into a partnership with Shisedo in hair salon and skincare successfully, and planned to open another branch in August in Beijing. As such, Niki became an invisible CEO secretly for 5 years.

Poured cold water on her

Niki joined the entertainment industry for 13 years and an insider said: “Niki understood there was no everlasting popularity in entertainment industry and decided to invest into business by using the savings from her acting career. She felt that man and woman loved to look nice and decided to open a luxurious hair salon with 6000 sq ft in Leighton Road.”

Niki kept her boss identity as a secret for 5 years and only a few friends knew about it. The insider added: “Niki did not reveal her boss identity even when she introduced her colleagues for hair spa and only told them it was recommended by her friend. Everybody poured cold water on her when she wanted to start business. Hence, Niki decided to keep silent and felt everybody will acknowledge after seeing her successful achievements.”

Headhunting talents by herself

End of last year, Niki opened the second branch, La Mod and attended the opening ceremony. Her good friends such as Michael Tse (谢天华) and (杨小娟) came to show his support and she finally disclosed her CEO identity. Niki’s friend said: “Everybody only knew it was opening of new shop and had no idea that Niki had 6000 sq ft main branch. In fact, Niki was planning to open branches in Beijing and Shanghai in August.”

After the opening ceremony on the same day, La Mod organised an annual dinner in Causeway Bay but did not see any colleagues in the entertainment industry except for engaging Cheuk Wan Chi as the host. Around 7pm, Niki appeared as the boss capacity to ensure everything ran smoothly and chat to her staff as well. As the business was earning profits, Niki graciously sponsored air tickets with return trip and $80,000 as lucky draw.

The insider said: “Managing a company is not easy and Niki said staff was very important when doing salon business. During this few years, she will headhunt personally, make visit to the salon frequently and build rapport with the staff, in order to create a sense of belonging in the company.”

Earlier, Niki suffered leg injury and was forced to reject new series in Mainland China. As such, this gave her additional time to manage her salon business. On 28 April around 2pm, Niki and her assistant went to the headquarter in Leighton Road and stayed for an hour. She then hurriedly headed to the branch for a meeting.

The series, Empress Wei Zifu acted by Niki was well-loved by the audiences and it was awarded free licence for 12 years. Thus, it increased the popularity of Raymond Lam (林峯) and Niki Chow rapidly.

Prospering business 

Before La Mod hair salon was opened, it was occupied by Nicholas Tse for production business. In year 2009, Niki secretly made investments and her business was expanding during the past 5 years.

Celebrating birthday with Tony Hung? Natalie Tong said with smiles: No idea


Yesterday was Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) birthday and she was filming new series, Eunuchs Leave the Palace (公公出宮) in TV City (電視城). She expressed she did not have any celebrations yet and wished to do more good deeds for the society: “I attended a charity event today and will not have any special birthday celebrations this year. My birthday wish is world peace.” Natalie added that she ate dinner with Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) as celebration during the filming in TV City last night.

When asked about any expressions from her rumoured boyfriend, Tony Hung (洪永城), Natalie said with smiles: “Nope and I am working. (Did not wish you happy birthday?) Yes he did. (How he planned to celebrate with you?) No idea.” Asked if she will consider dating with Tony, Natalie said: “I need to think of long-term and must have better understanding. We need to consider many aspects and he is good. We are friends and will meet up for dinner during our free time. (Your prince charming?) Still searching.” She added she will get married in the future.

Wayne Lai’s son had thoughts of becoming insurance agent


(Picture, from left to right: Edwin Siu, Lin Xia Wei, Nancy Wu, Wayne Lai, Harriet Yeung)

Artiste Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) was having location shooting for TVB new series, Eunuchs Leave the Palace (公公出宮) and disclosed he will be going to Kaiping (開平) for outdoor shooting in June and bringing lots of stuff to reduce dehydration as well.

When mentioned about his son will be entering into university this year, Wayne expressed he was not nervous but hoped his son will put in his best efforts. His son preferred to study in Hong Kong and Wayne commented that his son’s thinking was mature and hoped to become insurance agent. When asked if his son will approach people in the entertainment industry to sell insurance, Wayne laughed and said: “He is quite familiar with them and needs not my help to introduce. He visited me during filming and I do not mind buying insurance from him.”

Wayne revealed he will bring his family for vacation during the break and had no idea if his son had a girlfriend, but did not mind going together as family of four.

Angelica Lee looked energetic and radiant despite no make-up

Recently, female star Angelica Lee (李心潔) had been travelling around for filming new movie and finally completed her workload, and took a rest to enjoy some normal lifestyle. This morning (27 April), she went to do some exercises and breathe some fresh air in the hill: “I wake up very early and welcome beautiful sunshine and nature in the hill. Please re-charge some positive energy live in my body again!”

In the photo, Angelica did not wear any make-up and look very healthy. The netizens praised that she looked energetic and radiant. They also sent their blessings and hoped everything was well for her.

Did Angelababy break-up with Huang Xiaoming? Angelababy rebutted the rumours

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) have always been a loving couple and it was rumoured that they will be getting married this year. A few days ago on the Internet, a person named Baby left a message: “We cannot blame anybody due to separation. Not sure if it is distance or timing which drifted our distance further. As time passed by, we were busy with our lives despite did not see each other…… How long we need to maintain such lives? It is better to separate and we can only blame ourselves…… How nice I can marry you if you are still single in the future!”

As such, it became the hottest discussion among the netizens after seeing the message. Finally, Angelababy clarified on the Internet: “Please focus on my correct and official weixin message!” As for Xiaoming, he had not replied but his hairstylist uploaded some intimate photos of Angelababy and Xiaoming and wrote: “This world requires beautiful life and people continue to have their beautiful lives. Please do not worry.”

The Empress of China series reached highest ratings at 28 pts last week

The Empress of China (武則天) series broadcasted by TVB on last Friday achieved the highest ratings at 28 pts, around 1.81 millions audiences, and the average ratings for last week was at 24 pts.

As for the highest ratings for the debut of the series, Limelight Years (華麗轉身) aired last week was at 27 pts, around 1.75 millions audiences, and the average ratings was at 23 pts.

The Greed of Man (大時代) series reached another breaking point

TVB re-broadcasted the series, The Greed of Man which had an average ratings at 6 pts last week and achieved the highest ratings at 8 pts on last Friday. Also, it was considered the highest ratings when airing series during midnight when compared to the past.